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Say Good-Bye to harsh chemicals and toxins!  You can have a clean home without exposing yourself and loved ones to harsh chemicals!

Many of the cleaning products we use in our everyday cleaning regimens contain harmful ingredients that can lead to health problems. Even if we wear masks, the products can leave harmful residues that stay on surfaces we touch and eat from. 

We carry an array of cleaning products that are free of toxins and protect your natural microbiome! 


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What is the microbiome, anyway?

Each of us is a collection of microbiomes that connect into one big super-system. There’s a microbiome alive in our bodies and on them, in our living spaces, just about everywhere. Each of us has a distinct microbiome but it’s always in flux based on environmental, behavioral & lifestyle factors. Sit on a chair, open the window, give a hug, pet a dog – you’ve influenced your micros.


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