All PERP + Tea Tree | tea tree + citrus eucalyptus


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All PERP + Tea Tree | tea tree + citrus eucalyptus

Because you should be able to accidentally spray your all-purpose cleaner on your kid and not freak out.  And because some germs are good, but some suck. But most of all, because traditional cleaning products are LOADED with ingredients that are not good for you and your family. Period.

Just to name a few places All PERP + Tea Tree can perpetrate:

  • counters
  • door knobs
  • toilets
  • yoga mats
  • car interiors
  • classrooms
  • faucet handles
  • refrigerator handles
  • sick kids’ bedrooms
  • cabinet handles
  • the air
  • and so much more!


Instead of synthetic fragrances and nifty colors (which can be filled with unsafe ingredients not even listed on the label thanks to those ridiculous proprietary laws that let companies keep some of their ingredients secret), we chose hard working, organic, antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial essential oils like clove, lemon, cinnamon + rosemary to make All PERP safe for everyone breathing them in.

This 16 oz. spray bottle is filled with:

  • reverse osmosis water
  • organic witch hazel
  • organic* essential oils: tea tree*, lavender*, eucalyptus*, sweet orange*, clove bud*, rosemary*, lemon* + cinnamon leaf*

Using a dry or damp cloth or paper towel, spray All PERP + Tea Tree on surface and wipe away! No chemical residues left behind.

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