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Trixie DreamWorld Altea Grey Paw Print Cat Tree, 46H

Trixie DreamWorld Altea Grey Paw Print Cat Tree, 46H

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Trixie DreamWorld Altea Grey Paw Print Cat Tree, 46锟?H

A cat scratching post allows your cat to live out the natural scratching habit without damaging your furniture and carpets. Platforms provide a plush place to lounge and climb.

  • Five sisal scratching posts cater to your cat s natural scratching instincts
  • Specialized cat furniture can draw your cat s attention away from scratching home furnishings
  • Tallest platform provides your cat with the height they desire in a resting spot
  • Plush dangling pompom toy adds fun and excitement

Scratching Post

TRIXIE Altea Cat Tower with Scratching Posts, Three Platforms, Dangling Pom-Pom


TRIXIE鈥檚 Altea Cat Tree will provide endless opportunities for cats to play, explore, scratch or just relax.

  • Cozy Naps 锟?Cats love nothing more than to snuggle up after playtime; plush cover platforms provides maximum comfort for your furry friend to peacefully relax, lounge, or nap
  • Save your furniture 锟?Sisal wrapped post provides a healthy outlet for cats natural scratching instincts instead of using your furniture or carpet. Made from sisal rope, the scratching posts are durable and safe for your pet to use
  • Indoor Comfort 锟?The 3 platforms are covered by soft padded plush that provide your cat a very comfortable place to relax, lounge and take a nap. The soft, plush fabric covering makes naptime comfy, plus it鈥檚 great for face rubbing and nuzzling
  • Play Time 锟?a fluffy pom-pom dangling atop the cat tree gives your kitty the thrill of the hunt as she bats and swats it back and forth; providing mental stimulation and fun entertainment
  • Product Dimensions: 15.7锟?L x 15.7锟?W x 46锟?H; top platform dimension 13.25锟?x 13.25锟? 2nd platform dimensions 20.25锟?x 12.5锟?x 12.5锟? 1st platform 15.25锟?x 11.25锟?/span>



Since 1974, TRIXIE has been passionate about animals. Their focus has been the harmonious coexistence between humans and pets. Whether they are covered in fur or feathers, warm blooded or cold blooded; TRIXIE is committed to strengthening the bond between pet parents and their little buddies. TRIXIE has created a range of products to make you and your pet鈥檚 life a little easier!

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